Thursday, September 8, 2016

R Is for Rattle, And R is for...RUN!!

We're back from summer break and after a couple days of getting re-acclimated to the school routine and sharing about all our adventures, they were ready to learn about more animals with Mother Goose Time!

We have slowly be adding to our "Wall of Animals" (daily topic posters) since we started on the A-Zoo Animals theme, and they frequently refer back to it throughout the school day. They also notice quickly if a poster has fallen, and are able to identify the letter that's missing.

Rattlesnake day was really fun! My students love the song on the music theme CD! Since my CD player is labeled in Japanese, and I have no idea how to set it to repeat a certain track number, I spent the better part of free play time standing beside the CD player so I could hit rewind and play repeatedly as soon as the song ended.

We played an auditory discrimination game with the eggs from the previous day's lesson. I filled them with a variety of tiny objects I from our collection of sensory items. It was quite challenging for them, and some of them gave up trying to match the eggs and just shook them to the rhythm of the music, which was totally fine.

They were super excited about making the rattlesnakes with beads and pipe cleaners. I loved their creativity. Some had "baby" snakes, and others had "Mommy" snakes with no rattle on the tail. Some designed very detailed patterns, and others just used as much pink as possible. LOL.

It's all fun and games until you hear the rattle...then you better RUN!!

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