Sunday, November 15, 2015

Off We Go To Sky Park

We took our learning on the road (literally) Friday, with a field trip to a nearby park that sits right along the runway for Osaka airport. On the way we watched for roads, traffic signs, and bridges. (and even got a sneak peek at the map of the park) The kids were SO excited to experience the things we've been talking about in week 1 of MGT's On The Go theme.


Someone spotted Spider Man perched on the corner of a car detailing building. :)

Once at the park, the kids alternated between watching the planes take off and land,  climbing on the giant jungle gym and through an enclosed rope maze. We had picnic for lunch and had some great discussion about the differences in the planes we saw, why some planes were louder that others. We talked about the size of the engine in relation to the size of the plane, and why big planes needed more space to take off than small planes. They also had fun identifying the letters of the airline on the tail of the planes, and even asked what the letters meant. So, I told them about acronyms, which is pretty complex concept for preschool, but they were quite intrigued by it. 

We also talked about the different jobs people have at the airport, and the importance of the air traffic control tower. They speculated as to where the planes might be going, and one student shared that his dad is a pilot, but he was unsure about the specifics of the job. 

It was quite a windy and cloudy day. Thankfully the rain held off until I called the kids to line up to head back to bus and return to school. The kids were so excited to tell their parents about our adventures at Sky Park when they were picked up! Such a fun learning experience outside the walls of the classroom!

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