Wednesday, January 13, 2016

We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

We eased into the New Year with 2 half days last week, followed by a 3 day weekend. This might seem counter-productive for resuming normal school day routines with preschoolers, but I can assure you it did this jet-lagged teacher and her sleepy little students a world of good! 

I have a new student who speaks no English yet, and is generally clueless about classroom expectations, but happily follows the rest of the group *most* of the time, and is eager to imitate whatever I say. The half-days were a good transition for the newbie to get a taste of our daily routine, but it didn't give us much time to delve into new concepts. We did some review of letters, and got some fine motor practice in, snipping scrap paper with our new scissors to make a "color blue" collage. It was fun to watch them during free play, as they pulled out the rainbow paper "roads" from our MGT On The Go theme. I'm always impressed by their creativity. 

During morning meeting, we typically start off with the MGT Circle Time CD. Lately, my students have taken to making up their own words to sing during the instrumental breaks in the Circle Time Song, which is highly entertaining. We discussed what activities we would not have time for in our shortened school day, and adjusted the visual schedule accordingly. 

On Friday, just before it was time to clean up for dismissal, the new curriculum box for Sights and Sounds of Winter was delivered to the classroom. It was met with a chorus of, "OPEN, OPEN!" so I pulled out the theme web and poster for a little preview. They were SO excited! Jingle bells, snow, and cookies...Oh, my! 

It's great to be back, and we are looking forward to walking in a winter wonderland with Mother Goose Time to start 2016 off right. 

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