Saturday, September 22, 2012

Confessions Of A Coffee Loving Missionary

If you are a coffee drinker, like me, you know coffee is an essential part of daily life. I can function without it, just not very well. I cannot tell you how many things I forget or get utterly confused about between the hours of 6:30am-8am, pre-coffee. (mostly because as I write this I haven't finished my morning cup of joe, and therefore can't even attempt to do mental math!)

In the US, we will go to great lengths for our daily coffee fix, even planning our timing and route to work to include a stop at the nearest Starbucks along the way. (or for my non-Starbucks Nashville peeps, Fido's or Frothy Monkey)

There is no Starbucks in Haiti. I make my coffee at home...if the coffee maker works...if we have power. Here is my typical morning coffee routine, as it happened on this Saturday morning: EDH (city power) was actually on this morning, which is a first for this week, so I went to retrieve the coffee maker and all necessary ingredients from the preschool room, where it has been plugged in since Monday. I set it up on the newly cleaned kitchen counter and plugged it in. Two seconds later, EDH cut off. So, I gathered up everything and took it upstairs to my bedroom, where I have an extension cord connected to the inverter, and plugged it in there. Thirty seconds later, THAT power cut off. So I gathered up everything again and went BACK downstairs to the preschool room to plug it in where it had been to begin with. Finally, I have my coffee and I can start the caffeine-assisted, fully-mentally-functional part of my day! Yeah, I know, 1st world problem in a 3rd world country... Just keepin' it real.

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